More harvesting

The harvest begins in earnest now! :)  We already had a bunch of green beans in the refrigerator, and when we got home from the lake last night, Trevor went out and picked another bunch–as well as quite a few cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers.

Now I just need to make sure that we do something with all of them so they don’t go to waste!  I love fresh green beans, but we really can only eat so many in the course of a week or so–I may have to make a batch of Dilly Beans. Which means I’ll have to get my hands on some dill this week–maybe I will stop at the farmers’ market tomorrow on my way home from work. I’ve often considered just growing my own dill, but I’ve heard so many stories about how aggressive it is (and impossible to get rid of it you get tired of it) that I’ve never quite made the plunge.

So here’s a shot of our gorgeous garden veggies.


I love the cukes–they are an heirloom variety seed called Lemon Cucumber.  They don’t taste like lemon or anything–I assume they’re just called that because they look sort of like lemons. I love using them for my favorite pickles, Sweet Pickle Chunks, just because I like the size and shape they end up being when I cut them into about eight wedges.

We also had quite a few peppers.  Hot banana, jalapeno, and cayenne.  Those will probably get chopped up and frozen for the next batch of salsa.

And the tomatoes are so good–I almost hate to do anything to them other than just eat them straight up (or on a BLT), but there’s no way we can actually eat that many.  So I’ll probably have to make another batch of salsa this weekend to use some of them.

We were going to stop at our CSA farm yesterday for the corn harvest, but apparently we missed it–by Sunday all the extra corn was already gone! So we’ll have to wait until the next batch is ready, probably mid-September or so. It was disappointing to miss that wonderful sweet corn. . . I think when the next harvest event comes around we’ll just drop everything and drive to the farm that very night, instead of waiting until the weekend.  I don’t want to miss out on having that fabulous, fresh (frozen) fried corn with basil in the dead of winter. :)

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