Crazy seed pods

The world of plants is just so interesting.  I’m frequently amazed by how beautiful so many different parts of plants can be–the flowers, obviously, but some plants have gorgeous leaves, or seed pods, or even stems. And sometimes when the plant is done flowering, that’s when you see some really cool things.

Take, for instance, castor bean.  It’s a plant with huge leaves, used mainly just for architectural interest in most home gardens.  It’s interesting to look at because of the size of the leaves, and it can add some fantastic height to a large container planting.

I planted my first one this year–bought it as a seedling just a few inches high, and put it in one of my largest pots, knowing it would need a little room.

It has grown fairly large–not as huge as I’ve seen them before, but that’s probably because it has limited space in its pot.

But a couple of weeks ago I noticed the seed pods up on top.

Aren’t they cool?

Now, I also happen to know (only because of a former attachment to the tv show CSI) that the poison Ricin is made from castor bean seeds.  The leaves also, I believe, are mildly toxic but, as with most poisonous plants, you’d have to ingest a lot of them for them to have an effect.

I have no intention of fooling around with the seeds or the seed pods (I really have no reason to).

But I sure think they look cool. :)

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