The first potato

I was out in the garden yesterday just doing a little veggie picking (mostly beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers still at this point–and a few peppers here and there).  And I noticed a pinkish purple little guy trying to push himself out of the ground in the potato patch. :)

Our potatoes have been looking terrible for weeks, so I was assuming it was time to dig them, but we just haven’t had time. . . and apparently I was right.  This guy just couldn’t wait to get out! :)

Mystery potato

I planted some purple potatoes and some red/pink ones, so I wasn’t sure which kind this one was–it was sort of purply and sort of pink.

So I cut it open.

Mountain Rose potato

It’s obviously one of the “red” varieties I planted, of which there were two. But since one was a fingerling (Red Thumb Fingerling), and this one is most definitely round, I’m guessing this one is Mountain Rose–the tag in the catalog said it had “bright red skin and flesh which retains it’s color when cooked.”  I said, yeah, I’m guessing it’s pretty much pink, and I guess I was correct on that one. :)

It was pretty small–about an inch and a half across–and I cut it in slices, fried it in a little oil, salt, and pepper, and ate it.

It was delicious. :)

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2 Responses to The first potato

  1. Clara Klettke says:

    There are many different varieties of potatoes that have a red or red/pink or pink/white flesh. Mountain Rose is one of the newest varieties. You should try the different varieties with purple flesh. The colored flesh potato varieties make the best chip or fries. I microwave most of my different varieties for comparison. The colored flesh varieties should not be boiled in water. It dilutes the color of the flesh. My trade name is Spudtacular Potato Research. I have enjoyed growing different varieties for decades.

    • Sandi says:

      Yes, I have tried a couple of purple ones–I have not yet tried one of any color that I did not like. The Mountain Rose was good–it will be interesting to see how the color and shape compares to the Red Thumb Fingerling I planted this year as well.

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