Beet update

I thought maybe it was time for a beet update.

As I mentioned this past spring (for those paying attention), we’re doing the beet seed trials for the University of Minnesota this summer.  In past summers we’ve participated in the bean trials and the zinnia trials, and this year we decided to go for beets (they were one of the offered options).

So we got six different varieties of beets–a couple of red, a couple of golden, a white, and a striped.  Unfortunately, there were only 6-8 seeds of each kind, so obviously germination rate was pretty important!

They did germinate fairly well–I’ve got at least 5 of all of them and 7 of a couple.  It’s a little hard to tell exactly how they’re doing, obviously, since the important parts are underground, but they look pretty healthy at this point (although still not very large, most of them).


I had so much extra room in the beet rows that I planted cucumbers between each kind of beet, so that’s the other thing in the photograph. I believe that’s the white beet variety on the right and one of the reds on the left.

I might have to try to pull a couple of the bigger ones sometime soon and see what they look like.  I’m really looking forward to the taste-testing, which I guess I will have to draft some family members for, since Trevor won’t eat beets.

All the more for me! :)

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2 Responses to Beet update

  1. Sheri says:

    Just remember your sister who has been waiting all summer for your beets!!!!

    • Sandi says:

      Oh, I will not forget you, my dear! 😉 I’ll bring some beets for taste-testing to our bonding day next week. Yum! :)

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