A fun “find”

We had a wonderful “last weekend of summer” at the lake place this past weekend–I always work on Labor Day, and it’s always tough to come back on Sunday night knowing that I have to work the next day while the rest of my family has the last day of their long weekend, but luckily, I love my job and my place of employment, so that helps quite a bit.

One of the things we did this weekend, in addition to taking the boat, boat lift, and dock out, was a little shopping.  I won’t say “antique” shopping, because really it was mostly junk.

But I did find a really cool old copper boiler–just the perfect size to plant some mums in for a little added color by the front steps this fall, I think.

Copper boiler

I probably spent too much on it, but I just fell in love with it–and I’m hoping that the fact that it’s copper will make it last longer than most of the metal (or wood) items I’ve used in the past for container gardening.

I am hoping to make it to the store to buy some mums after work tonight, and I will post an updated picture of my boiler when it’s planted and placed where I want it to be. :)

I don’t know if I’m really ready for summer to be over yet, but I absolutely love fall, so I’m looking forward to the coming season.  Thank goodness for mums and pumpkins! :)

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