Placed and planted!

I actually got it done after work last night, in spite of the sprinkling rain. . . I found a spot for my new (old) copper boiler, Trevor filled it with potting soil for me (I still can’t lift much), and I planted it with the mums and other items we’d gotten on our way home from choir the night before.

Here it is. I really liked the way it turned out!

Filled copper boiler

The little ones on the far right and the far left are ornamental kale–I thought their colors tied in nicely with the switchgrass in the back on the right and the purple-leaved sedum in the back on the left.  And then, of course, a couple of mums in front.  I love mums.

I’m sure the plants will fill a bit more in the next few weeks, although probably not a lot, since the growing season is coming to an end.

If I had time and a little good weather on my side, I could even plant the mums, the switchgrass, and the sedum in the garden once I’m done with this planter, but my gut feeling is that probably, by the time the planter looks spent, the ground will be hard and the weather possibly not on my side. :)

But they were cheap–this is a great time of year to buy perennials at the big box stores.  I did pick up 5 dwarf lilies that are yellow with burgundy middles–I’ll get those planted this weekend in some bare spots that turned up this year.

But it was fun to do a container again–it’s been quite a while since I’ve had my hands in the dirt. 😉

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