Beet test

We started the beet taste test. . . you may remember that Trevor and I decided to participate in the U of M master gardener seed trials, and got beet seeds to plant.  A pretty small number, actually–about 7 or 8 seeds each of 6 different varieties.  So there aren’t a lot of beets to taste-test, which is probably ok because Trevor won’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.

So, I dug up the smallest of each variety and brought them to the lake on Saturday, where my beet-loving sister and I boiled them up and tasted them all.


This is only half of the beets–actually a couple of the bigger ones, if you can believe that (those are actually little dessert plates, not full-size dinner plates!).  Most of the beets in the garden seem pretty small, which surprises me a little.  We do water the vegetable garden (really the only garden in our yard that we do give supplementary water to on a regular basis), so in spite of the hot, dry summer, they seem pretty wimpy for all of the water they got.  Maybe it’s the heat they don’t like so much.

Anyway, most of them were pretty unremarkable, and we were wondering if it had anything to do with the size of them–one of the white varieties was so tiny that I actually had to dig up 3 of the 4 I had growing just to get enough to even taste!  They were about the size of a dime.  They were also not real easy to peel, even after they were boiled.  So I’m wondering if the hardness and the lack of flavor has anything to do with the fact that maybe they just weren’t ready yet.

Anyone else have any experience with this issue?  This is a first for me–usually I plant so many beets of the same variety that I have tons to harvest and would just not bother with any that were too small.

The last one we tried, one of the red ones (Red Ace–a beautiful, deep, dark burgundy) was the best by far–as we tasted that one, Sheri said, “Now THAT’S a beet.” :)

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  1. Ann says:

    We ‘stretch’ beets with horseradish…adding the two, mashed, or grated together until you like the taste. I attribute this to my Swedish relatives, however Pat usually makes the mix. Yummy! But do you really want to start growing horseradish? Make a few dips into Dakota Slim’s (mild with a kick) apple horseradish. It’s a Pride of Dakota product on grocer’s shelves!

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