More veggies!

What a weekend it was!  Because of the threat of frost, our CSA, Bluebird Gardens, had a FREE pick of tomatoes, sweet corn, and peppers.  Do you think we could resist?  (If your answer is “Not in a million years!” you’re close.)

So on Friday afternoon Trevor drove out to the farm (about 60 miles away) and picked two 5-gallon pails of tomatoes, one 5-gallon pails of green peppers, and about 2 dozen more ears of corn.  We probably could have gotten more corn, but our freezer is getting pretty full.

So, in addition to my Kiwanis club’s pancake feed (which I worked at both Saturday and Sunday mornings), we made salsa this weekend.


Eighteen quarts and one pint, to be exact.  And we still have about two large cookie sheets of tomatoes on our dining room table, waiting for them to completely ripen.  Then we’ll probably make another batch (or two) of salsa.

AND we’ve got eight one-quart freezer bags full of chopped peppers. . . and still about a cookie sheet left of those, as well.

Trevor did get all the new corn shucked and in freezer bags while I was working at the pancake feed.

It feels so wonderful knowing that I’ll be able to make fried corn all winter with my fabulous CSA sweet corn from the freezer! And I think we’ll have enough salsa to last quite a while, too. Bring it on, winter! :)


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3 Responses to More veggies!

  1. Molly says:

    I’ve got about 150lbs of green paste tomatoes from my garden that we’ll be making tomato sauce from once they ripen. We also noticed that our tomatoes aren’t ripening like usual. We are expecting our first freeze this Wednesday so I went out and picked them all so they wouldn’t be lost.

    • Sandi says:

      You know, I don’t think my tomatoes have been ripening like usual lately either–I have just tons of green ones on the plants. So green that I doubt they’d ripen inside. I’ve been thinking about trying green tomato relish or something so they don’t go to waste!

      • Molly says:

        I have found that if I bring them into the kitchen in boxes, or keep them in a dry cool place – off the floor; that even the greenest tomato will eventually ripen. One year I had garden tomatoes in December! Now granted, we are much warmer here in Eastern Washington state than you are in Moorehead during the winter, as our lows are usually in the teens to twenties, but they should eventually ripen for you too.

        Just make sure when you bring them in that you go thru the boxes about every 2 days and pull out the ones that start to get some color and keep them separate from the green ones. Its a lot of work, but worth it!

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