Last weekend Trevor and I went up to the farm where we always buy our pumpkins for decorating–they have a ton of them, all different kinds and colors, and they are really reasonable.  Most of them are priced between 2 and 5 dollars each.  So, we always go and drop more money than we should on pumpkins that will just sit outside and decorate the yard.  But I think it’s worth it.

They add such a wonderful burst of color this time of year!  Is anything more cheerful than bright orange?  Although I must say I just LOVE the different-colored ones, like ivory and sage green.

I also was given three beautiful pumpkins by a friend with a big garden.  Is this the coolest pumpkin ever or what? (And it’s huge–it’s hard to tell that in this photograph.)

Cool warty pumpkin

I love the warty, bumpy skin and the gorgeous red-orange color.  He gave me two of these crazy pumpkins and one beautiful sage green one.

Copper boiler with pumpkins and gourds

I just think the pumpkins and gourds add so much to this planter!

Since I’m still (barely) on lifting restrictions, I’m going to need to have Trevor help me with “placing” the rest of our pumpkins this coming weekend (lucky for me he’s always such a good sport). :)  But I will take some photographs to share when we’re all done!

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  1. Wendy says:

    That is a cool looking pumpkin. Looks like a gourd-y-pumkin :-) Your copper pot is so nice looking with the pumkins around it.

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