Purple potatoes

We had a lovely weekend–some cleaning, some cooking, some time with friends and family.  Just what we needed for some rejuvenation and relaxation!  (Plus it’s really nice to have a clean house again!) 😉

We had company for dinner on Sunday night and I made a new meatloaf recipe and a tried-and-true potato recipe–Tri-Color Scalloped Potatoes, from the Cook’s Garden cookbook–you may remember it from a post I did with photos last January.

The scalloped potatoes are delicious–a little fussy, but worth the time.  It looks fabulous with white, pink, and purple potatoes.  (I didn’t take a photograph of it this time, because it looked just the same as the last time I made it.) 😉

I did notice, though, that the purple potatoes we tried for the first time this year (Purple Majesty) were much darker and brilliant purple than the All Blue we did last year (and again this year).

Purple Majesty on the left, All Blue on the right

They did lose some color during cooking, which is typical, I’ve found, of most differently colored vegetables, but they still looked good. And I do think that potatoes you’ve grown yourself do taste better than the ones you buy at the grocery store. . . maybe it’s just psychological, but I feel like they have more flavor. More potatoe-y, somehow. :)

The meatloaf I made was called Sicilian Meatloaf–a recipe I found on Ms. Simplicity’s blog–it’s basically a typical meatloaf mixture that you spread out flat and roll up with ham and cheese in the middle.  It was excellent!

But. . . back to another week . . . I’m hoping to be ambitious enough to actually get a bit of yard work done in the afternoons after work this week. . . we’ll see how that goes. 😉

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  1. Char G says:

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so I get notified each time you post?

    • Sandi says:

      That’s a great question. . . but I don’t know the answer. :) I’m sort of computer-illiterate in general. I will say, though, that most weeks I post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday a.m. Thanks so much for reading!

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