Not quite ready

I’m not quite ready for winter.  When I left the house yesterday morning there was a blanket of white.  I know it’s nothing new to have some snow in October in Minnesota.  But I was so glad that it had all melted by the time I got home from work!

Some things in the yard are looking really beautiful.  It was a mistake, however, to wait until after the high winds we had the other day to take a few photos–some of the really beautiful leaves were blown off.

But there are still some mums and goldenrod blooming.

Mums and goldenrod

And the pumpkins, of course, still look great.

Pumpkins and mums

I’m really looking forward to the weekend!  I have my high school class reunion (no I’m not saying how many years–just use your imagination). And we’re also going out to Bluebird Gardens to pick our final harvest.

Then we’ll probably spend most of the rest of the weekend taking care of all the produce and trying to get some yard chores done if the weather cooperates.

Keep enjoying this beautiful fall! :)

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