Busy, busy!

It was a busy and VERY productive weekend!

In addition to two extremely enjoyable evening get-togethers with my high school classmates, Trevor and I did a lot of work around the house and garden, too. Which is always rewarding–I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something at the end of a weekend like this.

We went to Bluebird Gardens, our CSA farm, on Saturday morning for our final harvest events of the year–we got 18 squash, 4 pumpkins, and a 5-gallon pail of gourds.  My sister and her husband also got carrots, beets, and potatoes.

Squash harvest

Then we came home and dug carrots, turnips, and sweet potatoes, which then, of course, had to be brought into the kitchen and scrubbed up.

Carrot harvest

Not as big a carrot harvest as last year, but I wasn’t surprised because we had a much smaller plot of carrots this year.

Turnip harvest

A fair amount of turnips, but all different sizes and shapes–I would assume that maybe that’s what happens when you don’t thin well. (I hate thinning and I’m bad at it–I can’t remember who it was that said you should always have someone else thin your carrots–they mean too much to you for you to do a good job of pulling the seedlings out.)

The great sweet potato experiment was kind of a bust–a whole row of sweet potatoes amounted to this:

Sweet potato harvest

But, live and learn.  We won’t do sweet potatoes again, but we are still loving the wonderful fresh potatoes from our own garden and will definitely continue planting potatoes.

I also canned a batch of carrots–I’m not a huge fan of canned carrots but we have a recipe that calls for orange juice and brown sugar as the liquid, so that’s pretty good–it’s called Glazed Carrots.  I didn’t take a picture of the final jars because the liquid is a bit brown (from the brown sugar) so they’re not terribly pretty. :)  But I still like the look of all the different colors of carrots in the jars.

Then one of the little pumpkins I’d gotten for pumpkin preserves was dropped on the ground and cracked right in half–so I just baked it up and put the cooked flesh in the freezer for later this winter. And I still have three of those little guys left for preserves when I can get around to that.

One thing I did NOT get to this weekend was putting out the graveyard in the front yard. . . if the weather cooperates, I may try to do that after work today.

Plus I have to figure out what to do with all those turnips. 😉

Such a busy time of year!


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4 Responses to Busy, busy!

  1. Phyllis Paulson says:

    What does one do with turnips??

    • Sandi says:

      You give them to your mom. Haha! But seriously, let me know if you want any. 😉

      I have a recipe for glazed turnips and carrots that’s pretty good (and simple)–just boil them in a little water with a little butter and sugar. Pretty tasty. I have yet to find much else as far as turnip recipes, but I haven’t really looked too hard. Mostly roasting them with other root veggies is what I find. (Which would be good.)

  2. barbee says:

    Hi! Just stopped by to look @ your sweet potatoes and was distracted by your turnips. I have just grown my 1st turnips (love them!) and have a recipe for you.
    I took this recipe for turnip soup, added a can of drained great northern beans and some (cooked w/ casings removed) crumbled italian sausage. Made a great savory soup/stew that was as good leftovers as it was the 1st night.

    You may want to give it a try. The link is from About.com: http://localfoods.about.com/od/soups/r/turnipsoup.htm

    Great blog-I enjoyed my visit. Thank You!

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