Grave decisions

Sorry about that title. . . I couldn’t resist.  If you know me at all or were reading my blog since last Fall, you probably know I’m referring to Halloween decorating.

The thing is, I’m a bit behind.  I decorated the inside of the house for Halloween a week ago, but I haven’t yet gotten around to decorating the yard, and it’s much later than usual. Typically I try to do all my Halloween decorating at the end of September. I mean, it takes a fair amount of time, and I figure the decorations need to be out for a month to really make it worth all the effort it takes. (Not that I don’t love doing it, because I do, but it is a bit time consuming.)

So now I’m faced with a decision.  Do I put out the graveyard and all my skeletons and other odds and ends this weekend?  Or at this point is it just a bit too late to make it worth the effort? (I also have a long list of “real” outside chores as well as inside ones.)

Lawn spider

I did get this far with the outside decorations this past weekend. . . or perhaps I should come clean and say, Trevor actually got this out of the garage and set it out. :) But that’s the extent of it so far.

And the longer I take to make this decision, the more the decision is made for me. And I do totally realize that this really isn’t any sort of life-changing or really important issue.  I guess if this is my worst problem at the moment, I’m pretty darn lucky. :)  Maybe I will make time for it this weekend after all.

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