A great weekend

Is it a sign of getting old, do you think, when you base how “good” your weekend is by how much you accomplish?? Probably.  But I’m good with that. :)

In addition to making 7 jars of pumpkin preserves, 6 loaves of pumpkin bread, and trying two new squash/pumpkin recipes, we also got the graveyard out and our yard cleaned up and ready for winter.

I mean that only in the most rudimentary sense, of course–I did NOT clean out all the garden beds. . . that takes a couple of days, minimum, and I had lots of other stuff to get done this weekend. But we did get all the pots emptied out and put away, all the little garden decorations and ornaments put away, and all the peony foliage cut off and disposed of. So hey, I’m further ahead than I was last year!

I always find one particular part of the process sort of amusing.  Let me share it with you. :)

Here is a shot of all our patio furniture, deck furniture, pots, and doo-dads, sitting by the shed waiting to be put away.

Can you believe all of that actually fits INSIDE our 8 X 8 shed?  It’s true.  I’m firmly convinced that no one in the world could accomplish that feat besides Trevor–I think it looks like a complicated puzzle that’s out of my reach.  But he does it every time.

There it is all buttoned up and ready for us to take it out again in the spring.

Not that I’m ready for winter, by any means.  But I guess it’s coming one way or the other, and the at least the yard is ready. :)

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  1. Molly says:

    You go girl! You’re way ahead of me.

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