Strange little addition

As part of my super-productive weekend, I did get our graveyard set up in the front yard.  I was sort of debating if it was worth the effort at this late date, since I typically do it the second the calendar says “October”.  But I decided Halloween is always worth the effort.

So, I took the time to put out my little skeletons in their various poses on Saturday morning while Trevor started cleaning out all the pots and bringing them to the shed.

At one point me brought me a little surprise that he’d found in our big egress window well.

Petrified toad (I realize it’s not really petrified because it hasn’t turned to stone, it’s just. . . without moisture)

If you’ve never seen one of these before, it’s a petrified toad.  Or maybe it’s a mummified frog.  (Does it really matter?) Doesn’t it look life-like? I kept telling Trevor not to point it at me, because it sort of freaked me out a little bit. He kept telling me it wasn’t going to jump at my face because it was DEAD.  (I knew it was dead.  But I read a lot of Stephen King. So I asked him again not to point it at me.)

So, we decided that we’d put this weird little creature (or its remains, anyway) out in the graveyard. I decided it could sit on the chair with one of the skeletons. Seems strangely appropriate, somehow, don’t you think? :)

Mr. Skeleton with his new friend

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2 Responses to Strange little addition

  1. Colleen Hyde says:

    Hmmm, “Petrified Toad”. . .”Mummified Frog”. . . sounds like names of
    drinking establishments, or at the very least, Halloween “specials” on the drink
    menu! In Chandler, Arizona we visited the “Horny Toad”, a very popular bar.
    It had been recently purchased from it’s original owner, who retired. However,
    retirement was boring. so he opened another bar, just down the road, called “The
    Satisfied Frog”! (We visited that one, too!)

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