On to the next thing

Halloween’s over, and we’re well on our way to Thanksgiving already. :)

This past weekend we put away all of the Halloween decorations, including the graveyard out front, and decorated for Thanksgiving.

In all honesty, decorating my house is enough of a production that, all things being equal, I might be tempted to just start in on the Christmas decorations at this point. But we’re having Thanksgiving at our house this year, and I just don’t feel right about having Thanksgiving company and already having the Christmas decorations up. :)  So, we did it up big for Thanksgiving as well.

I have a couple of sort of wacky decorations for the front step–just little wood pieces that you stick into the pumpkin (or whatever) of your choice and they look like. . . well. . . I’ll just show you.

They’re kind of odd, but I like them.  And I think they show my Thanksgiving spirit. 😉

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