Still going strong

Obviously, at this time of year, most of the plants are pretty much done.  I do have a couple of mums that still look spectacular–they were a little later to start blooming, for some reason (I probably trimmed them back a bit harder than the other ones or something), and the weather has been good enough that they are still going strong.

The other thing that looks amazing right now is my ornamental kale.  I have tried that in the vegetable garden before, along the path, picturing how wonderful it would look in October. . . and the rabbits totally nibbled it right down to the ground.  I haven’t planted kale in the vegetable garden since, but this year I did get a few for my fall planters, and boy do they still look great!

Ornamental kale

The copper boiler that I got later in the summer and planted looks wonderful, as well–really the only thing that looks worse than it did when I first planted it are the mums.  But look at those other plants!

Copper boiler in November

They still look fantastic–I would say they were well worth the money I spent on them at the time.  It’s always sort of up in the air whether perennials purchased at the end of the season will be worth the investment because it often really depends on what the weather is like, and we all know that can vary hugely. Especially if you’re buying them for a container and treating them more like annuals.

But this year, definitely a win.  I might even try to put the boiler in a protected corner in a few weeks and see if the perennials will come up again in the spring. It never hurts to try! :)


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