Amaryllis lineup

I just had to do another update on my office Amaryllis. :)  I can’t believe how long these flowers have lasted–for the price ($5.99), I feel like it was well worth it.

The first bulb I potted bloomed on the first stalk for almost a week. Then, when the flowers started looking sort of spent, I cut off that stalk so the bulb could concentrate on putting its energy into the next stalk.  That stalk is now blooming in full force–four gorgeous flowers (apparently they always have four).

Shortly after the first one started blooming, I potted up a second bulb, which is starting to come along now.  My office-mate also potted up a bulb at the same time, but hers must have been a bit further along in the process in the box because hers is quite a bit taller than my second one and looks like it may start blooming soon.

Here is the lineup.

Otis, Holly, and Phyllis (yes, we named our plants)

It looks like it only has three but one is exactly behind the front one so you can’t see it. (And notice the ruler stuck into the dirt in the pot on the far left–that’s not for measuring, that’s for keeping it from keeling over.) :)

I hope they all bloom before we leave the office for a week and a half over Christmas. (One of the great benefits of working at Concordia–we all get an extra week off over Christmas.) :)  If not, I may have to bring this next one home with me!

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