Fresh herbs!

I can’t believe it–I actually found some fresh, growing, potted herbs!  Yay, Cash Wise! :)

I have been really missing having fresh herbs available at all times in the garden–so it was exciting to find some plants on my last trip to the grocery store. They didn’t have a huge selection, but they did have rosemary and basil (my favorite), so I bought one of each.

Basil and rosemary

They are in really small pots, so I’m going to re-pot them into larger ones as soon as I get a chance.  In the mean time I am making sure they are well taken care of. The basil, especially, smells like a sunny summer day–I hadn’t realized how much I had missed it until I smelled it again.

I think I’m going to take some of my wonderful CSA corn out of the freezer and make a nice big batch of fried corn with fresh basil this weekend.

In fact, I probably should pick up another basil plant as soon as I have a chance.  You can never have too much fresh basil. :)

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  1. frank wendell says:

    where do u fine recepie for fried corn and what is it and what do it taste like.? Thanx Frank

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