A ringing success

Ok, sorry about that.¬† Couldn’t resist. Of course, most of you are probably thinking, “Huh?” Except Trevor, who’s thinking “Lame!” because he knows what I’m talking about.

So now I’m going to enlighten you. ūüėČ

Both my husband and I play handbells (although he plays much more than I do).  Years ago we ordered a set of three handbell-shaped cookie cutters from a handbell supply house (yes, they have those), thinking it would be really fun to make handbell cookies for our bell choir friends.

We finally got around to it two years ago.¬† But, being the kind of people who like to take shortcuts whenever possible, we bought refrigerated sugar-cookie dough instead of mixing it up from scratch. The rolling out went just fine.¬† The cutting of the cookies went just fine. The baking. . . not so much.¬† They spread and puffed up–a lot. They were absolutely delicious, but they looked like ping-pong paddles. We did not give them to our bell-choir friends.

This year, we got my mom’s sugar cookie recipe because I remembered from when I was a kid that they always kept their shape.

So this is what they looked like baked (there are two sizes, but they’re pretty similar so it’s hard to tell).

And then a coworker gave me her frosting tips–make it runny and put it on thinly and it dries nice and firm.¬† She was so right.

We just put frosting on the bottom half, so they would look more like brass bells with handles.

We had our final handbell gig of the year last night, and we brought little packages of handbell cookies for each of our bell-choir friends.  Is that awesome, or what? :)

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