The possibilities are endless

It’s that time of year.

The garden catalogs started arriving a couple of weeks ago.

It’s such an exciting time–at this point, the possibilities are endless. Should we grow potatoes again?  If so, should we just use the sprouting potatoes left over from last year, or try a new variety or two?  Should we stick with the same colors of carrots as the past couple of years, or go with just orange to try to improve production?

Sweet potatoes were definitely a bust. . . but maybe we should give them another shot. Wouldn’t it be fun to try Brussels sprouts?

I think you get the idea.

As the catalogs come in the mail, I sort of weed through them–I would guess about 75% of them get tossed in the garbage without even a cursory glance through the pages. I stick mostly with my tried-and-true suppliers, because this, after all, is serious business.

I haven’t even started looking through the catalogs yet–in a couple of weeks I will start perusing them. I’ll mark absolutely everything that looks good. I’ll end up with about 10 times what I can afford or have room for. And then I’ll go back through them a few more times, narrowing my list more each time through, until I have something that’s within the realm of possibility.

THEN I’ll start placing my orders online, and wait anxiously for the seeds to start arriving in the mail.

What a great time of year. :)

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One Response to The possibilities are endless

  1. Tammy Paulson says:

    nice pun – “weeding through the catalogs” :)

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