Waiting for light

I like living in a place that has four seasons.  I love spring.  As a gardener, of course I love summer.  I adore fall.

Winter, though. After 48 years in Minnesota you’d think I’d be used to it (or move), but for the past few winters I’ve been seriously wondering why we live here.  Even ONE zone further south. . .  and in all honesty, it’s not the snow, not even the cold that gets me down so much as the dark.

I find I light a lot of candles this time of year; after taking down the Christmas lights it just seems so dark in the house.

But at this point at least we’re on the up-swing–every day is a couple of minutes longer.  We have a trip to Mexico to look forward to at the end of February, and by the time we get back from that, it will be March.

And at THAT point, no matter how bad it gets, at least you know it can’t last long. :)

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