An excess of ham. . . and birthday wishes

Due to a series of events that you don’t need or want to know about, we made a ham over Christmas that we did not eat.

Well, we snacked on it a bit out of the tupperware container it was stored in.  But it was a pretty big ham.  A nice, big, spiral-cut, honey ham.

So eventually it went into the freezer–three separate bundles of a pretty good amount of ham. So I’ve been looking for ways to use it before I forget it’s in there.

I made red beans and rice last weekend and put a bunch of the ham in it–that was pretty good.  And then the other day as I was looking at my usual round of blogs, I came across a recipe from Chef Jeff for Tuscan Ham and Bean Soup that I thought I would try.  Pretty simple, really–chicken stock, carrots, garlic, onion, ham, and navy beans, put in the slow-cooker for the day.

As always, I thought the purple potatoes I used were really pretty. :)

In the finished product, of course, the potatoes are never as vibrant. In fact, they pretty much lost all their color.

But it was quite good–I would definitely make it again. And now I only have one package of ham left in the freezer. . . I may just wait a few weeks and make this same recipe again. :)

In an unrelated aside, my baby girl turns 21 today–Happy Birthday, G!

Isn’t she just too cute for words? :)

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