Just Juusto

We’ve discovered a new snack. Really it’s just cheese, but it’s amazing cheese.  It’s called Juusto–Swedish cheese that looks like it’s already been baked (I have no idea if it actually is baked before packaging or if they just spread something brown on it to make it look that way).

It’s a nice, firm, mild, sort of rubbery cheese.  We just cut it in a sort of large French-fry-type shape, and fry it in a pan.  No butter, no oil (there’s plenty in the actual cheese itself), no coating. . . just a nonstick pan and the cheese. (Do you like our new purple cutting board?)

And this is how it turns out.

It’s so yummy–when you’re frying it, it actually smells like cheese frying in butter or something. . . but it’s just the cheese.  It ends up crispy on the outside and nice and creamy on the inside (if you’re like Trevor and have the patience to turn it so every side gets brown). :)

Give it a try–we’ll probably be having it again this weekend, too! :)


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6 Responses to Just Juusto

  1. Sheri says:

    It sounds a bit like Halloumi – the sheeps cheese that I’ve done before for you?
    Is it quite salty?

    • Sandi says:

      It is a lot like Halloumi–that’s what actually made us try the Juusto, because we couldn’t find Halloumi in F-M and thought it looked similar. It is!

  2. Fun you’ve discovered a delicacy from Scandinavia! “Juusto” means cheese in Finnish. This particular cheese is called “bread cheese” because you can eat it like bread. It’s ready to be eaten out of the package. We usually eat it with cloudberries or cut it into salads. Some walks eat it with coffee but I am not crazy about that. Where on earth did you find this? :) *big wave across the big pond*

    • Sandi says:

      That’s so awesome! Maybe it does say “Finnish” on the package, not “Swedish”. . . I’ll have to check that out. But we LOVE it! I like it on a cracker with a slice of pickle. :) Now I will think of you every time I eat it–even better!! :) (We get it just at our local Cash Wise–they always have it in the cheese section.)

  3. Linda Wadman says:

    You can easily make the cheese yourself from scratch. My husband and I did it just recently. While it was a sort of all day project, we had fun making it. It was our first effort and turned out very well. From the remaining whey after the ‘squeaky cheese’ was made we got 2 cups of ricotta cheese. The whey remaining after that can be saved and used to make rice, in cream soups or to substitute for the liquid in bread recipes. There is virtually no waste. We used Beatrice Ojakangas’s recipe for the juusto (squeaky cheese) http://beatrice-ojakangas.com/2008/08/two-finnish-cheeses/ and the recipe for this one for the ricotta http://fiascofarm.com/dairy/ricotta.html

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