Funky beans

I love beans. You probably already know that I plant green beans in my vegetable garden every year. One year we even participated in the U of M seed trials for green beans–THAT was an exciting summer. 😉

A few years ago I planted a pole bean called Yard Long Bean.  So called, presumably, because the beans get three feet long. You may guess that that’s a slight overstatement. . . but really just slight. They really do get long–neglect your pole beans for a couple of days and you go out to the vegetable garden to see a bunch of these foot-long (or longer) beans hanging from the vines.  They are really pretty amazing. And they were tasty, and fairly tender–in spite of their length they stayed pretty slim.

I didn’t plant them again after that first year only because pole beans need a structure to climb on, and it’s so much easier, in my mind, to just plant bush beans instead.


I was going through the Territorial Seed Company catalog the other night, and  you’ll never guess what I found.

RED YARD-LONG BEANS. That’s right.  Red Noodle Beans, they’re called.

If you think I could resist those, you haven’t been reading my blog very long. I practically gave myself a paper cut making sure I dog-eared THAT page, let me tell you.

Now, if they would just make a red/purple bean that stayed colored when it was cooked, I would be a happy camper.  It’s always sort of a disappointment to me when I’m cooking them and they turn green.

I hope Trevor is in the mood to make a pole-bean trellis this summer. . . .  :)

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6 Responses to Funky beans

  1. Sheri says:

    We used long beans like this in our Thai soup cooking class. You can find them at Asian markets! (the green ones – not the red)

  2. Whoopy Doopy says:

    This post pretty much sums up why you are one of my favorite people ever – “I practically gave myself paper cuts making sure I dog-eared THAT page.”

    I got a good laugh out of that – partly because I know it is true, and partly because I do the same thing. :)

  3. Barbee says:

    I grew these last summer. (They don’t stay red after cooking? How quickly one forgets. LOL)

    I grew all 3 types of the yard longs: Green, red, and mosaic (mixed). BY far, the best producing was the ‘red’. They are really more of a dark purple than red on the vine for me. They grow really long, really fast and you need to watch-they will go to seed just as quickly.

    Looking forward to growing them again this year! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. (Yes, they turn a DARK green @ cooking & they are really thin. But I love all things unusual!.)

    This winter I have planted a BLUE shell pea. Called Blaushager? “John Scheepers” seeds? Now 3 ft tall. Zone 8. Can’t wait.
    Hoping to have blue peas to go with purple… or maybe even the atomic red carrots someday.

    • Sandi says:

      I am totally with you! I’ve done the red carrots (along with white, yellow, and purple) and I think they’re beautiful! The red are my favorite. I’ve grown Nutri-Red, though, not sure if I’ve ever tried atomic red.

      I found the same thing with the yard-long green beans–you really had to keep an eye on them or they got out of control. But I was surprised how nice and slim they stayed–didn’t seem to get fat and woody as fast as bush beans.

      Zone 8. . . I’m jealous. 😉 Zone 3 here. Planting usually around mid- to late-May. Enjoy your season! :)

    • Sandi says:

      p.s. I’ve never grown the Red Noodle Beans before, but all of the other purple beans I’ve tried always turn green when cooked. It will be interesting to see if the same holds true with these! :)

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