The year of the garden

That’s what this is going to be.  Or, perhaps more accurately, I could call it “The Summer of the Chores.” :)

I’m starting to get really jazzed for the coming gardening season–does that happen to you?  I start thinking and planning and making my “to do” list and pretty soon it’s multiple pages.  Each thing I want to do generates four more things for the list.

But I really have high hopes for this gardening season. No surgeries planned (knock on wood), no major vacations, no major distractions.  Sure, we’ll be going to the lake just about every other weekend, and I have no doubt that other things will come up. But I should have plenty of time to do lots of the things I would love to get done in the yard.  (It’s just too bad about that pesky full-time job.) 😉

First and foremost, I’m going to try to keep up with the weeding and trimming and deadheading so that our yard doesn’t look like an out-of-control wilderness by the end of August, as it has the past couple of years.

We need to shore up the deck a bit–it has sunk a little and the slant has become fairly noticeable over the past couple of years. And we’ve got a little bit of painting to do–the shed is looking a bit shabby and some of my yard ornaments need a touch-up.

I really want a pergola–I’ve been lobbying for Trevor to build a pergola over our patio for years, now. Maybe this will be the magic summer. :)

I got a new (old) wheelbarrow to plant flowers in, some plans for other various garden containers and decorations, and of course a list as long as my arm of existing perennials that I want to move and/or divide.

I want to have lots of company over for cocktails on the deck and lunches under the trees and anything else I can think of. (And I have actually already invited my book club over for our June meeting.)  Sharing the gardens with friends and family is one of the things I love most about gardening–enjoying the space.

And speaking of which, I pledge (once again) that I will not let a single week go by without sitting out on the deck or patio and just enjoying the view, at least for a few minutes. Because that’s really what it’s all about.


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4 Responses to The year of the garden

  1. Wendy says:

    Oh gosh, the green grass and pretty flowers just make me a bit more anxious for spring and summer to arrive! After a foot of snow yesterday I am so over winter :-) I am just ready to get my hands in the dirt and plant flowers, and my vegetables and even mow the lawn. Ha! Enjoy your blog

  2. Nancy Inada says:

    I can help you paint that shed. seems to me we got the deck done in about an hour didn’t we?

    • Sandi says:

      Haha–yeah, remember that?? And it was dark outside by the time we finished–a few drips and drops around there if I remember right. 😉 But we got it done!

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