The lilac plan

I love lilacs.  LOVE them.

I think the scent of lilacs is one of the most wonderful things on this earth. I always look forward to the time of spring when they are blooming all over the place and you can just smell them in the air.

I have no lilacs in my yard.  Almost every year I realize this and think, “Hmmm. . . that’s odd.”  I love lilacs so much, why have I never planted one?

I have a generous neighbor with quite a few lilacs and she usually brings me a bouquet every spring.

But why I’ve never planted one in my own yard, I don’t know–it’s a mystery.  But I’m solving it this spring–I’ve just ordered my first lilac.

I’ve got just the place for it.  We’ve sort of half-started a new garden bed up by the front door–it’s got a few small shrubs but no defined “bed” area yet. So I’m sure there’s room for a nice lilac.

This spring will be just the time to plant that lilac and then finish up the bed. We just need to put down mulch and put in some edging. . . maybe a perennial or two.

And then we just have to wait a year or two–then maybe I’ll be able to cut a bouquet of my own. :)

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3 Responses to The lilac plan

  1. Adele in Minn. says:

    Don’t forget to plant it out about 6 feet from the house, lilacs get fairly big and will rub against the siding. Enjoy your lovely shrub. We have huge ones by the barn that were old when we moved in 40 years ago.

    • Sandi says:

      Haha–it’s like you know me! Seriously, though, that is one of my biggest challenges–spacing enough for all the future growth. I will definitely keep that in mind! :)

  2. Molly says:

    I have lilacs about 20 feet from my front door. They’ve been there for close to 70 years! They are huge and when in bloom give everybody a headache they are so strong. These lilacs are about 20 feet wide and 15 feet tall and the limbs are about 5 or so inches in diameter. I would gladly dig up some starts for you!

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