A late gift

Well, actually, the gift was on time. . . I will explain. 😉

My sister and I went to the cities this weekend to visit a couple of friends and go to a play and out to dinner with them. The friend we stayed with is, admittedly, not a real “plant person.”

So, we get there Friday night and were sort of hanging around in her kitchen, getting some wine open and making a snack, when she brings out this paper bag–like a lunch-sized bag, maybe a little bigger, and it’s closed at the top.  She says, “I got this amaryllis bulb for Christmas–do you think it’s too late to plant it?”

I say, well, you know, it’s really never too late to plant it–it may not DO anything, but why not give it a go?  So I opened up the bag, and voila, there was this amaryllis bulb, already in a pot with dirt, already growing, and (of course) white as the driven snow.

Well, maybe not quite that white.  But it was pretty white. We had a good laugh over it—quite a good laugh. We sort of giggled about it all evening.

The next morning, when I was up and she was still in bed, I gave it a drink of water and found a spot for it in the kitchen right by a south window.

It will be really interesting to see how it does–she’s promised she’ll keep me updated. :)

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