More soup

I know I’ve posted before about the pureed vegetable soup I’ve made.  I’ve made it a few different times, and one of the things I really like about it is that you can use whatever vegetables and herbs you happen to have in the house, and each time you make it it’s a little bit different.

Monday seemed like a good soup day–cold and blustery, perfect for something warming.

So I got out my trusty recipe (from The Cook’s Garden) and looked through the fridge.

I had potatoes, of course, although not many left. . . a few carrots, and lots of fresh/frozen peas still in the freezer downstairs.  I’d not tried this soup before with peas, and I thought that might be just the thing to give it a fresh, “green” taste.

So, I chopped up the onion, potatoes, and carrots and added some fresh chopped rosemary and some dried thyme, and then I tossed in a bag (2 cups or so) of frozen peas.

I let it simmer for a while so the potatoes would get nice and soft.  At that point, though, the peas were pretty drab. Hmm, I thought, maybe I should throw in some more peas at the end, so they keep their bright color and make the soup a bit fresher tasting. . . .

So I went down to the freezer, got another bag of my treasured CSA peas, and dumped them in the pot. I let them cook for just a couple of minutes, and then I used the immersion blender (the best purchase we ever made besides our freezer) to blend it up and make it thick and fairly smooth (but not too smooth).

It was quite good.  As usual, Trevor had it plain and I added a little bit of heavy cream. :)

Yep, this recipe is definitely a keeper.

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