Trip trinkets

On our vacation in Mexico last week, we did make time for a bit of shopping. :)

We didn’t buy a ton of stuff, but we did get quite a few of the “typical” things: Mexican coffee, Mexican vanilla, some hand-beaded jewelry, and a sweatshirt for the offspring.

But the real prize, in my book, were these cute/creepy little skeleton boxes:

It’s a little hard to tell scale in this photo, but they’re each about two inches tall.  I’m sure they’re probably for Day of the Dead celebration, which is big in Mexico, and I am certain they will look great with the rest of my Halloween decorations.  I think they’re just so cool–the tiny little figures are painted in such detail! I can’t imagine putting that kind of work into something and then selling it for 12 or 15 dollars. I do think, though, that I might try to pick up a couple more next time we go back to Mexico (assuming we do go back again)–I think they’re just awesome!

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