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I know I shared with you quite a while ago about my new method for keeping basil from the grocery store fresh. I just pop it in a short glass of water on the kitchen table and it keeps perky literally for weeks.

I have also found that after a while some of it starts rooting.  So, only about a month and a half after I planned to do it, I actually potted up some of my rooting basil sprigs last weekend. :)

AND because I’m such a packrat, I actually had a little pot in the basement that says “basil” on it. What are the odds?? ;)

It’s been about a week since I potted the little sprigs and they still look pretty perky–I’ve been trying to keep a pretty close eye on them until they get more established.  And who knows, they may not last long enough to plant outside.  But I figure at the very least I’ve got fresh basil for cooking whenever I want it (which is actually pretty often). And if the potted basil doesn’t end up surviving, I’ve still got some in the water glass for backup. So it’s a win-win! :)

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