A replacement Hedwig

Yes, I know it sounds odd.

But my Hedwig was wearing out. :)

Ok, so I’ll start over. It was my birthday last week, and my family gave me a couple of beautiful garden ornaments.  A really pretty glass rain gauge, and a new Hedwig for my Harry Potter garden.

If you missed that part, I’ve had a Harry Potter garden for years–it’s one of my favorites.  It lets me indulge my sense of whimsy (which is substantial).  I’ve got it filled with plants like Wormwood, Snakeroot, Ghost Fern, Lupines, Dragon’s Blood Sedum. . . you get the idea. But I’ve also got quite a few garden ornaments in that space.  I’ve got Trevor the toad, Hedwig the owl, and a garden gnome.

But this was actually one of my first gardens, and Hedwig was starting to look pretty ratty.  She was not really right from the start, anyway, since she was grey (at one point–now she’s sort of a non-descript un-color). :)

But now I have a beautiful ivory Hedwig that will be just the ticket to liven up the Harry Potter garden again.

Assuming it ever stops snowing, of course. :)

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