A slight improvement

Yesterday was a bit warmer–in the 40s.  It’s amazing how really great that can feel when you’re desperate. :)

After I got home from work I did a little cooking and then sat down to relax and watch a movie while Trevor did some computer work at the dining room table.

It was so nice outside, and smelled so fresh, I just had to open the window for a bit and get some fresh air into the house.

Catching a breeze

It felt wonderful.  It got a little cooler inside after having the window open for an hour or so, but man did it smell good. I also love all the light that comes through without the heavy drapes surrounding the sheers–I’m loving the new, lighter feel of the living room these days.

This morning there was frost everywhere and I think it’s supposed to be blustery and cooler again. . . it may even snow. I feel like this winter will never end. But this weekend it’s supposed to get to 60 and won’t that feel wonderful?

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  1. Tammy Paulson says:

    I agree – I am thinking that this winter is never-ending….

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