A burst of optimism

I think it got past 70 degrees here on Saturday–I’m not totally sure because we didn’t watch the weather that night or anything.  But was it ever gorgeous on Saturday!  Breezy, but sunny and warm and it just felt so good!

We went up the greenhouse in Ada to buy tomato plants (I know, it’s early, but we had the time) and discovered that they didn’t actually have any plants yet. :)

So we stopped at a big-box store on the way home and bought pansies. It’s actually later than I typically pot up pansies, but at this point I feel like it might be quite a while before I’ll be planting or potting much else.

So I planted our front window boxes and a big blue pot that we’d bought while we were in Ada.

They just look so cheery–the only color as far as the eye can see.  Everything is drab and brown and dirty looking, now that the snow has melted. But we’ve got a bit of color in our yard, which makes me very happy.

It’s cool again this morning–32 degrees, my computer says–but it’s supposed to warm up again by the end of the week. I know from past experience that, if you’ve got your pansies on the West side of the house (which I do), they can take night temps down below 20 degrees.

So here’s to hoping that my pansies do well–the lowest forecast for the nights this week is about 30, and I’m hoping that it’s going to improve soon. :)

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