First bloom

It finally happened–the first bloom in my yard. (Other than the pansies I planted in pots on Sunday.)

Iris reticulata

It’s one of my tiny little Iris reticulatas–I have quite a few, but this is the only one that’s been brave enough to show it’s little face so far. I’ve got the same one in a beautiful cobalt-sort of color and also in a bright yellow. (And, yes, in the background of that photo is all the other iris foliage that I neglected to clean up last fall. Thanks for bringing that up.)

This one is in the garden bed right in front of the house, so it’s probably the bed that’s been uncovered (from snow) the longest at this point.  But it’s on the west side of the house, and some of my little irises are on the south side–I’m surprised they’re not blooming yet.

I was noticing that, when I started this blog two years ago, right around the beginning of April, I already had some crocus blooming.  Here it’s a full month later and not a sign of them yet.

We had temps into the low 20s last night and my little pansies were drooped over the sides of their containers–I hope they bounce back once they warm up a bit!

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