Second bloom

I’m still waiting for more blooms in my yard. . . we were out of town for the weekend and I was hoping to come back to a few new flowers.  But, apparently the weather here wasn’t any better than the weather where we were (it was snowing and raining and cold), so no luck.

But I did spy this little beauty coming up by the front steps, and it looks like it’s ready to burst into bloom any moment now.

We got home mid-afternoon yesterday and spent the next couple of hours going through the shed, finding old pots to get rid of and put out on the curb for cleanup week–we have a pretty nice little pile of stuff at this point.  (Our garbage day is today, so we sort of had to get it done yesterday.)

Then we spent some time going around the yard just picking up garbage that was scattered everywhere after the snow melted.  When you live sort of on the edge of town in a really windy city, you end up with a lot of random garbage everywhere.  But it’s amazing how much better it looks just to get all the garbage picked up!

The garden cleanup has yet to begin, and we’re going to the lake for some chores this coming weekend, so I think our yard is going to have wait at least another two weeks.  But I’m sure all of our garden cleanup chores will still be there waiting for us. :)

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