The blooms continue

The blooming continues! Still not much, but I’m seeing little changes every day.

Yesterday was amazing–I got home from work about 5:00 and just sat out on the patio in the sun and read a book for about an hour.  It was magic! :)

I did notice that the little bud I posted a photo of on Monday was blooming, and it is not a crocus (really, I should have known better).  It’s another Iris reticulata–a pretty yellow one.

And the crocus in the back yard are SO close to blooming. . . another few hours, probably, will do it.

This winter seemed so long (because it was)–this warm weather just feels incredible. I can’t wait to have some uninterrupted gardening time.  Although it’s still too wet, so it’s probably not a bad thing that I don’t have time for it yet. But the sun is so warm that the soil is heating up quickly.

Here’s to May in all its glory! :)


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  1. Molly G says:

    OH, how I would love to send you some of this heat! We were 91 yesterday and we are supposed to get hotter by the end of the week. I have tomatoes and peppers to harden off, but can’t do it while its so darn miserable. At least I can get my garden planted this weekend.

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