Iris and Scilla

One more flower is adding to the beauty in the front garden; it’s only been a week or so since the first bloom but more are coming almost every day.

This is another of the gorgeous, tiny Iris reticulata–this one cobalt blue instead of purple or yellow–together with some beautiful blue Scilla.

I love this combination–the blues tend to be my favorites in the garden.  That is, until I see pink, or red, or yellow. . . truly, I love them all.  You can’t really go wrong with flower color, I think.  It’s like making a flower bouquet–even if you are completely untalented at that kind of thing (which I am), it’s difficult to make flowers look bad.

We’re off to the lake for a work-weekend.  Next weekend I think we’ll have a long, long list of things to accomplish at home! :)

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