Lake chores

We had a successful couple of days at the lake taking care of some chores there.

We left for the lake on Friday shortly after noon and came back to town after supper on Saturday because we had a full day of church and family visiting yesterday.

But we got lots of stuff done.  Mowing, burning leaves, house cleaning, taking down trees (just a few), and planting the vegetable garden.

It was good to get it all done, but, wow, was it cold on Saturday.  We had waited until Saturday to plant the vegetables because it was supposed to be warmer, we thought.  But we hadn’t planned on the gale-force winds blowing in off the lake, which still had ice on it.

It was COLD. But we got it done. Which feels great.  I hope the veggies aren’t too put out by the cooler weather.

This is what the lake looked like on Saturday afternoon, after some of the ice had melted.

It’s the first time Trevor and I have been there early enough to see ice still on the lake, ever. So it was interesting. But the ice melted a lot during the day Saturday (I suppose the wind helped somewhat with that), so it’s probably completely gone at this point.  Although I certainly wouldn’t want to swim in that water for a while. :)

Now the next week or so I’ve got a HUGE list of things to get done in my gardens.  I’ve scheduled a few “garden party” type things for the first week or so of June and am starting to feel a bit panicked, since I’ve not gotten anything accomplished at home yet.

So I’m hoping I can keep my motivation high for the next couple of weeks and get a start on my chore list before Memorial weekend, when we’ll be going back to the lake to get the boat and the dock in. And it would be great to have some warmer weather to be getting things done in, too! :)

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