Jumping the gun

I couldn’t help it.

I know it’s way too early to plant. And I don’t plan on planting anytime soon. The snow just finished melting about a week ago, for Pete’s sake.

But I was at a happy hour gathering of my coworkers last Tuesday, celebrating the successful completion of another academic year (whatever excuse we need to go to happy hour, right?), and as I was leaving the building to go to my car, I happened to notice a greenhouse set up in the parking lot.

I couldn’t resist. I just had to check it out. Just to see what they had (I told myself).

Well, they had such beautiful and unusual varieties of Calibrachoa (more commonly known as Million Bells), that I ended up dropping about $75 on flowers that night.

Aren’t they just gorgeous?  I know they’ll probably sit in these boxes by my garage for at least a week or two yet, and I could just as well have left them to sit at the greenhouse and gone out to buy them later.

But look at them! I just couldn’t resist.  That yellow and white one is a new one to me, and isn’t that dark purplish/black centered one with the bright pink edges just gorgeous?

I look at it this way: if I spread out my purchases over many greenhouses and many weeks, it will seem like I’m spending less.  Right? 😉

Also, a big happy-birthday-shout-out to my big sis Sheri, my most faithful reader. (And a good sister, too, in addition to that.) 😉

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4 Responses to Jumping the gun

  1. Sheri says:

    It’s been such a crazy day I finally remembered it’s Wednesday and I hadn’t read your blog yet. whew!!! Almost missed it. thanks – love you

  2. Kathi says:

    Purdy. HAHA. :-)
    Now it’s gotten me in the mood to get my window boxes and other containers filled, seeing those beautiful flowers.

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