New growth

And the rain continues. . . not that I’m complaining. Everything was so dry–now there is green everywhere.  The leaves are coming out on the bushes and trees and the grass already needs mowing again.

Red twig dogwood

I had thoughts of actually accomplishing a few things on my list in the afternoons and evenings after work this week, but so far the rain has prevented any real work being done.

Like I said, I’m not complaining; we really needed it. And it’s been just the kind of the rain gardeners dream about.  Soft, sporadic, gentle (for the most part), soaking rain. I’m not sure how much we’ve had over the past week or so but it’s been over an inch total, I think.  You can tell the plants are finally really getting going and doing some serious growing.

I’m feeling pretty good about the state of my “to-do” list, though–even if I didn’t get much more accomplished in the next week or two I think we’d still be fairly company-ready in the yard.  So that feels good.

Now what I wouldn’t mind is some sunshine and a little less wind so things can really take off. :)

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