We did get a nice day or two last week, but it’s been so dreary and rainy the past few weeks!  I shouldn’t complain, I guess, since at least the snow is finally gone. 😉

But everything is later than usual–although not as much later as it might seem this year, since last year everything was so early that it seems particularly noticeable now. Our plants are probably only about a week or two behind a typical year.

With all the rain we’ve had (which has mostly been the soft, drizzly kind, which is nice because it actually soaks in, instead of just running off) everything is just so green.  I feel like if we had a few days of warmth and sunshine the plants would just take off!

Trevor is mowing the lawn twice a week just to keep that under control, because the grass is going great guns.

I’ve got another garden party (the master gardener group I’m in) tomorrow evening, and I’m really looking forward to that.  We spent this weekend at the lake, so got nothing done in the yard, but we were pretty well prepared from the week before so I think it’s good.  I will probalby have to go out on dandelion patrol before they get here, but that’s about it.

Happy Monday, and let’s hope for some sunshine! :)

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