Party on

I had another gathering at our house last night–my Clay County Master Gardener group.

They are a fun crowd, let me tell you.  We usually try to take care of our “business” in the first half-hour or so and then socialize.

It’s always great getting together with other gardeners–I feel like we never run out of things to talk about! Over the years that I’ve been in the master gardener program, the people I’ve met have been amazing.  They are always willing to share ideas and information and are almost universally chatty. :)

Maybe it’s just that kind of person that decides to join a volunteer group (like the master gardeners) in the first place. :)

I am off to the cities tomorrow for a work seminar and a social gathering–my daughter is coming with me and we’re going to manage to fit in a little shopping as well.

So, until Monday, enjoy this amazing weather, and happy gardening! :)

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