Peony season

I love peonies–just love them. I’ve probably mentioned that before. :)

People are always telling me, “I like peonies, I just don’t like all the ants.”  Which I think is interesting. . . I’ve honestly never had a problem with ants.  I mean, I’m sure they’re there–but it doesn’t affect my enjoyment of those beautiful, big, bright exuberant blooms.

And I cut many vases-full of peonies every year–usually I have to squash a couple of ants while I’m putting the buds in the vase, but that’s usually where it ends.  So I’m not sure if my peonies are different, or my ants are less able than other ants to hang onto the plants as they’re being carted inside, or if my ant tolerance is just higher than most.

I do try to cut the blooms when they’re just beginning to open (or aren’t opened at all yet–I think peony buds are also gorgeous), so maybe that makes a difference.  But I think their subtle, sweet smell is also wonderful and I love having a bouquet on my desk at work and another big one in my living room at home.

I have about 5 or 6 different kinds of peonies (I have no idea what most of them are because I got divisions from my aunt, who had had them for years), so I have a fairly long-ish season of bloom.  My first ones are about done and I still have at least three kinds that haven’t opened their buds yet.

I’m hoping for at least a few more bouquets before this peony season is done.  And I’ll be happy to squish a few ants for the privilege. :)

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4 Responses to Peony season

  1. Dina says:

    I love peonies too and wish I had more! My mom had several huge bushes and use to complain of the ants as well, but she always said they helped the buds open so maybe if you are cutting yours earlier that’s not a problem. It’s also why she told me never to plant them by my doors.

  2. Sandy says:

    My grandma had peonies and she would dunk the blooms under water to get rid of the ants. My favorites!

  3. Colleen Hyde says:

    My first grandson was born 0n June 8 (1999), and just before I jumped in the car to go and meet him, I cut an armload of peonies to take to my daughter (new Mom).

    Two days later, she dressed him in his first “outfit” to go home, and took a number of
    photos of him next to the vase of peonies. The light was just right and the photos
    were outstanding, even the b&w ones! Thus began the tradition of choosing a currently blooming flower for each grandson’s photo opp. There are four boys now, and we try to have their flower present for each of their birthdays. If I remember right, besides June’s peony, we have July’s yellow marigold, August’s burnt orange mum, and of course, January 2 is a red pointsettia. If nothing else comes of it, each boy knows the name of his own flower, and recognizes it!

  4. Molly says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wish I could grow them.

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