The irises have been going great guns in my gardens for a couple of weeks.  The first ones, a rather common (but very pretty) light purple, actually finished up about a week ago.

The Superstitions, Merlots, and a couple of others are at their peak.

Superstition Iris

I probably posted a picture almost exactly like this a year or so ago (maybe a bit earlier in the season), but WOW aren’t they gorgeous?! I walk by these honeys on my way into and out of the house and I just can’t get over how beautiful they are.

They are a variety called Superstition–they were originally in the Harry Potter garden, but as that garden became shadier (as the tree near it grew), the irises didn’t do as well.  So I moved them up front in a nice sunny spot, and I guess they seem to be pretty happy. You can see they’re a dark, intense purple–almost black.

These Merlot irises are another of my favorites–a similar intensity of color, but more burgundy than purple.  Also a great beauty this time of year.

Merlot Iris

As I’m sure I’ve said many times before, the benefit of having many different varieties of any one kind of flower is that it extends the bloom-time over all.  My only regret is that these stunning blooms don’t last a little longer. :)

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