The rain continues

I can’t really complain (yet) about the rain. . . I know we’ve been pretty lucky at our house to miss anything catastrophic.  In the Minneapolis area we’ve got friends who lost power all weekend and friends who had a car crushed by a falling tree.  In our yard, we’ve not yet had too much rain. But I know the farmers are having issues–our CSA, Bluebird Gardens, has been struggling to keep things running as usual this spring in spite of all the crazy weather–late snows, lots of rain, etc.

I’ve found that the big, showy irises with the huge blooms do not do well in storms–when they get really wet they just sort of lay down and stay there.  I have staked some of mine, but I just don’t have enough stakes to take care of all of them. So, at this point, since they’re mostly done blooming anyway, I will probably just cut the stems off and be done with it.

I was also going to cut off the blooming peonies for another bouquet last night before the rain came and it completely slipped my mind. Bummer! They are probably sodden and laying on the ground now. Oh well, I think there are a few buds left and then the peonies will pretty much be done for the year as well.

I’m looking forward to the lilies starting–I just love lilies and I have quite a few of them so the bloom season is fairly long. :)

Last night we had more company in the garden–a group that my parents have been having supper with every Tuesday night for years. At least once a summer we try to have them over after one of their dinners out. They are a fun crowd and it’s always so rewarding to give them another tour of the gardens because they are so interested in how the gardens are growing. (A gardener loves nothing more than talking about their plants.) :)


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