And on to the next thing. . . .

I feel like the past few weeks have just been a whirlwind of activities.  Trips, work events, family parties, weekends at the lake. . . it’s all good (even great) but I’m starting to feel just a bit overwhelmed with my to-do list for the next two days.

We got home from the lake about 8:30 last night and unpacked–didn’t have time to do laundry, so I’ll do that tonight after my salon appointment. (First things first–I’ve got my priorities sorted out.) 😉

Then tomorrow after work it’s back to the grocery store for another round to get ready to go to the lake on Wednesday right after work for the long 4th of July weekend.

I’m not complaining (really, I’m not), because I love going to the lake and I love spending time with my family.  And I’m looking forward to our one long weekend at the lake this summer.

But I would sure like another 4 hours added to each day so I could feel more confident about getting everything marked off my list.

I did take the time this morning, though, to cut a few flowers for my desk–just a few little roses and some ladies mantle (it makes GREAT filler).  I decided that even though it’s a short week, it’s still worth it to take a few minutes so I can have a bit of the garden at work.


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2 Responses to And on to the next thing. . . .

  1. Julie Bock says:

    Tell everyone “HI” I miss the lake 4th of July events. I remember the time my dad got a goose egg running up your dock when they were lighting fireworks. We decided to have our own party this year. No lake at our house though. Enjoy!

    • Sandi says:

      Yeah, I wish you could be there! :)

      I remember that goose egg well, too–I remember it looked like he had an extra knee about 6 inches below the other one!!

      Have a wonderful holiday!

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