Getting colorful

It was a late spring.  We had snowstorms in April and cold (or at least cool) weather most of May. So the flowers, of course, have been a little later than is typical.

We had plenty of rainfall, so the grass and all the plants were looking lush and green.

Now, finally, things are really starting to get colorful.

Lady’s Mantle is one of my favorite perennials. (Granted, it’s a fairly long list.) It is not fussy and it seems to do well, once established, with little water or with lots of water. It can handle full sun to almost full shade (at least in my yard). And I love the bloom color–it’s sort of a greenish yellow–almost chartreuse. I think it goes well with most other flower colors, and it makes a great filler in bouquets.

Are you convinced?? :)

I’ve got Lady’s Mantle in many of my gardens, but I love it with this pink yarrow.

If you don’t have any Lady’s Mantle yet, I highly recommend trying it in your garden. I’ll bet it will be the first of many. :)

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