Hollyhock blooms

Things are looking so great in the gardens–I feel like every time I go out in the yard and look around I see something that I missed the time before.

These are hard to miss, though–the hollyhocks by the front door have just started blooming.

This is my favorite color hollyhock–we have a mixture of old-fashioned ones but most of them are very pale.  Which is pretty, too, but I love this dark pink one.

I also goes great with the pink and yellow flowers in the front window boxes, so that’s a bonus, especially since this hollyhock seeded itself right where it is.  I long ago gave up the illusion that I have anything to do with where my hollyhocks end up–the places I want them to stay are bare and the little seedlings are absolutely everywhere else.  So I just pull them out where I don’t want them and let them go where they like.

So far it’s been a pretty good arrangement. 😉

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