New lilies

I’ve got lots of lilies.  I know I’ve posted many photos of my different lilies: burgundy, yellow, orange, and red.

Obviously, I like lilies.  I also like the fact that I have so many different varieties of lilies that they bloom for weeks–the first ones are already done and I have quite a few that haven’t even started yet. So it’s nice to have that beautiful color spread out throughout the middle of the summer.

Last summer, toward the end of the season, we came across some clearance lilies at a big-box store.  I think they were $5 apiece.  You are correct if you think I could not resist them.  I always tend to gravitate toward bright colors, but they had some pink ones that were quite different from any other ones I already had.  So we bought quite a few. :) (Love those late-season sales.)

I love these–they’re definitely prettier close-up, but they are very different from anything I’ve got.

And these pale pink ones, I just love in combination with the purple delphiniums.  This entire garden is actually sort of pastel everywhere–a complete accident, as plants have died and been replaced by other plants, but a happy accident.  That’s often the way it goes with gardening, I find. :)

We are actually spending this weekend at home (our first weekend at home since June 1st–yikes!). So I’ve got a long list of things to accomplish in the yard, but I’ve also decided that I’m just going to putz around and do what I can do and not get all worked up about the things I don’t have time for. (Famous last words.) At this point, my list is in my head only, and I don’t plan on writing it down. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll give you an update and maybe some new yard shots on Monday.

Happy weekend! :)

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